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Doc's Timeline Motorcycle
"Rolling History of Harley-Davidson air-cooled
Big-Twin engines 1909 to present."
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Timeline Motorcycle Features seven unique engines that all run & contribute power to the motorcycle
F-Head IOE 1909-1929
Flathead 1928-1948
Knucklehead 1936-1947
Panhead 1948-1965
Shovelhead 1966-1984
Evolution (Blockhead) 1984-1999
Twin Cam (Fathead) 1999 to present
* Seats 10 people
* 24 1/2 feet long
* 8,790cc
* 538ci
* 2 front wheels
* 2 rear wheels (both drive)
* Uses over 40 feet of chain
* 2 acme thread lathe wheels for kickstands
* Each engine has it's own oil tank
* Top frame rail is fuel tank with rear reserve tank (holds 9 gallons)
UPDATE.....August 17th, 2009
The Timeline Motorcycle Sturgis adventure was a big success. The bike left Doc's H-D on Saturday August 1st fully loaded with 10 people. Although the bike was trailered for parts of the trip, it was also ridden parts of the trip on each of the three days; including on Highway 29, in downtown Wall, South Dakota, on I-90, & into downtown Sturgis. Special thanks to Sturgis Harley-Davidson for allowing us to display the motorcycle in front of their dealership. Thank you to Hupy & Abraham s.c. for believing in us enough to help sponsor our Sturgis trip. We flew the "Watch for Motorcycles" flag with pride. Much appreciation to all of the individuals that helped Doc make this dream a reality, including the group of "crazy" people that accompanied Doc for the Sturgis adventure. The Sturgis trip was definitely the trip of a lifetime.

Click here to see the Timeline Motorcycle video on Youtube

Be sure to stop by and get your picture taken with the Timeline
Motorcycle now on display at Doc's Harley-Davidson.

UPDATE.....July 29th, 2009
Departure has been scheduled for 9am Saturday Aug 1. Weather permitting, we will leave Doc's at 9am with a full load of 10 people on the Timeline Motorcycle!
Also, just released today....Hupy & Abraham s.c. will co-sponsor our Sturgis Adventure! Thank you Hupy & Abraham!
UPDATE.....July 28th, 2009
The finishing touches are being added to The Timeline Motorcycle. The starting of the center five engines (Flathead thru Evo) took place on July 23rd. As expected, they all ran perfectly. The riders have been selected for the journey & departure from Doc's Harley-Davidson is planned for Saturday morning August 1st. We plan to reach downtown Sturgis by Monday August 3rd with planned stops in Jackson, MN,
& Wall, SD.
UPDATE.....July 17th, 2009
Hot news....With the help of Ron K. Stratman, arrangements have been made to display The Timeline Motorcycle at Sturgis Harley-Davidson in downtown Sturgis during the 69th Annual Rally. Located on the corner of Main Street & Junction Avenue & just across the street from the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum; Sturgis Harley-Davidson is the perfect spot to display the Timeline Motorcycle.
R.K. Stratman is already working on a brand new t-shirt back design that will feature the Timeline Motorcycle & we will begin selling the t-shirts during the rally.

UPDATE.....July 14th, 2009
The fenders for the Timeline bike arrived today. See the photos below to see the classy new black & white paint job. We also have decals that will go along the top frame rail. These decals are neat classic photos of the various motorcycles from each of the eras of the engines in the Timeline motorcycle. Starting at the very front of the bike, Doc will have photos of the 4 founding fathers of Harley-Davidson, the original shed that the first Harley® was built in, & various photos of the early Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The bike will literally be a rolling Harley-Davidson® history lesson.
Doc is hoping to have the motorcycle near completion by early next week.
Less than 18 days til' Sturgis!

UPDATE.....July 7th, 2009
Final assembly has begun on The Timeline motorcycle! Doc's test ride on the last weekend of June was a success (see photos below). Doc says the bike is a "real handful" to ride, but it is not impossible. He has decided to add a rear engine guard with 2 wheels off of an airplane landing gear for more stability during slow speed maneuvering. Doc did ride the bike down the highway & around the block powered by just the Twin Cam engine. He even had the bike up to 65 MPH! He was able to take his hands off of the handlebars & the bike ran straight as an arrow. Now that Doc has verified that the bike is "rideable," the frame was painted by B&J Custom over the 4th of July weekend, & final assembly has begun. The clock is tickin,' we've got less than one month til' Sturgis!
UPDATE.....June 24th, 2009
The Timeline bike front end is nearing completion. The bike has 2 front ends with 4, yes, 4 fork legs & tubes per front end! That's 8 fork tubes total! (See the photo below) Doc also installed 2 "kickstands" on the bike. Of course, these aren't just any kickstands, they're each made out of 1 1/4 Acme Thread & a lathe wheel. (See the photo below) Doc plans to take the bike out on an experimental voyage this Friday with just the Twin Cam motor in the chasis to see how the chasis will handle. This will be a huge step in the progress of the build! Check back again soon for more updates!
UPDATE.....June 1st, 2009
The bike is starting to come together. We took another measurement on the length & it's 24 1/2 feet long! It has also been determined that the bike will be a "ten seater." What an impressive machine! Doc's goal is to do everything he can to get this bike done in time for Sturgis in August of 09. He plans to attempt to ride the bike from our dealership to the Sturgis Rally!! If you are interested in signing up to help ride this bike to Sturgis, contact us. Check back again soon for more updates!
Doc holding up a seat to the top frame rail to check some measurements. He originally estimated that the bike would seat 10-12 people, however, after further review, it looks like it may be closer to 8-10 people.
This is a photo of Doc holding up a couple of his hand-drawn blueprints that he designed for the project.
This is a photo of the rear wheels. Yes, there's two of them. 6/1/2009
Doc built the entire frame by hand. This photo was taken in mid May 2009.
Photos below show the early stages of gathering up all the parts for the engines during the Winter of 08. The Knucklehead engine was the most challenging one for Doc to find.

About halfway through building the "Four-Tee-Five" bike, Doc was struck with another idea. Build a multi-engine bike that will show the progression of all Harley-Davidson® Big-Twin eras from the 1920's to present. Doc began gathering parts to build the seven engine chronicle of history dubbed "The Timeline Bike" in December of 2008. The bike will feature a progression of engines including a 1923 JD 1200cc, a 1944 Flathead 74" 1200cc, a 1946 Knucklehead 1200cc, a 1948 Panhead 1200cc, a 1981 Shovelhead 1340cc, a 1993 Evolution 1340cc, & will be finished off with a Twin Cam® Motor. If that's not impressive enough, it will also feature 2 front forks, 2 front wheels, & 2 rear wheels all in a line. Just the seven engines alone will require 13 feet of length once they are placed in a row & yes....all seven motors will run!
Be sure to check back soon for more photos & updates on the progress.

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